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Today your eyes have lost the stars they wore
Today your eyes have lost the stars they wore
And I am shipwrecked too and wan with waves
Who swim out unto your body’s far shore
Where my own voice can call the name I bore,
Where there is gold and azure, day that’s new,
Grainlike and ripe, perfected, silent too.
In you my solitude once more seeks grace—
In thought of you! This swift change which seeps o’er,
some muted passion which your glances wore
Have touched with fiercer fire my life a space.
Fast-fleeting, far, far foam—seaweed—my kiss
Could worlds create again across your eyes!
Naked the shore there, lone, but rich for bliss,
And back the stars would blaze where bleakness lies.

A flower—and made to bloom for ruin vainly!
A world of joy and dead by fate’s decree?
My gift—all fruit-ripe, grain—rich things to be
Which bitter suns like yours seek surely.


Salvador Novo
Translated by Translated by Edna Worthley Underwood

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Voice: José Luis Ibáñez Voice: José Luis Ibáñez
francés Traduction d'Armand Guibert
español Original version