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This intense perfume of your flesh
is nothing more than the world which the blue spheres
of your eyes move and displace,
nothing more than the earth and the blue rivers
of veins imprisoned in your arms.
In your anguished kiss are all the round oranges
you sacrificed on the edge of a garden
where life for all time to come broke off from mine.
So remote was the endless air that filled our breasts.
I pulled you from the earth by the drunken roots of your hands,
and entire I drank you down, oh perfect delicious fruit!
Forever now when the sun touches me
I must feel the rude contact of your flesh
born in the freshness of an unexpected dawn,
nourished in the caress of rivers as pure and clear as your embrace,
sweetened in the afternoon wind
that comes down from the mountains to join your breath
and ripened in the sun of your eighteen years,
warm for me who awaited it.


Salvador Novo
Translated by Translated by E. Lane, F. Blanton and S. Karlinsky

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Voice: José Luis Ibáñez Voice: José Luis Ibáñez
francés Traduction d'Armand Guibert
español Original version