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My only love and so wholly mine
Making desirable my days,
How well we both know what absence is
Since the flesh hinders us so always!

My hands to be sure have forgotten you
But my eyes can see you as I tell,
Whenever the world grows bitter for me
I shut them both then I see you well.

I never want to meet you again
Who are with me always, I do not care
How I shatter to pieces life which is yours
Which for me weaves this dream so fair.

Just as one day you said to me
that it is your living image I own,
Because daily I wash my eyes
With the tears wherein your memory shone.

One went away but it was not you,
My love whom the silences can claim,
If my two arms even and my mouth
Went away with the words the name.

This is not I, the other it is
Silent as usual but lasting for aye,
Just like this love so wholly mine
Which will go on with me till I die.


Salvador Novo
Translator: Edna Worthley Underwood

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