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The one           total less
plenicorrupt odd no. no sooner coddled by the zero
that in time gone crazy returns with its sexual succubi multitudes and its fauna
            of forgetting
The one           subsoul
although unburied intact beneath its multicrypts with beyondbottoms of arcades,
that feeds its own echoes of great expert in nothing
as it grows into the abyss
The one and only                     in one
four-footed animal of chance that goes out for air before nightfall dogging its wretched
and sunflower litmus licked by innumerable putrescences interulcerates the darkness of
            its own I whole one
                                                                                crucipending only from itself

Oliverio Girondo
Translation by Molly Weigel

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Voz: Oliverio Girondo Voz: Oliverio Girondo
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