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In the begging
in the being
in the psyches
in the xes
in the exquisiphthisical replies
in the enmoonments
in the erect for the abcessed excesses of erofriction et cetera
or in the exhausted dreamencore of the “gimme take it give in all the way to the very
nape of your so desire”
in the unfaith that ruminates
in the vivisecond the dry psychic prospecting the metaphyserrata in elfabridgements
of the cosmic egogorgo
in each gesture graft
in any sunken polidented brrokenpurrpose flush with facing subrrubble exother
hearthless houndless coveless diveless headless storyless
by the mobile embryos of the gravitating turning under the starry itch
next to the lianamuses pulpy poresuckers and the no less polyp children of swamp
volunteers of the miasma
so violated
trampled among bad eggs nevers and admonitory hooks
one pit at a time nongoing swimming in the face of only too wandering fodders of final
flood-gates that inundate hope
with my graymite the sporious
the leopard yawns the daft babble
on the sore spot
at the deployment of the blood without midget introits in the ample plicoitus with each
sleepless dream and each wagered specter
I would lace
in the offspawned spring


Oliverio Girondo
Translation by Molly Weigel

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Voz: Oliverio Girondo Voz: Oliverio Girondo
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